New York Style Delicatessen - La Jolla & San Diego, CA

Catering Done Easy

Starting soon, Nosh will begin offering catering for special events, parties, meetings and holidays, featuring our selections of meats, fish (including authentic Nova Lox from Nova Scotia), cheeses, breads and deli salads. Please email us with more details about your event.

Explore Our Food Menu

While overstuffed sandwiches are the highlight of any visit to Nosh, we aren’t just a sandwich shop. Our variety of dishes are sure to satisfy anyone’s palate, regardless of background, dietary restrictions, or cured meat cravings.

Nosh Delicatessen

Nosh Delicatessen, San Diego’ newest sandwich purveyor, delivers a truly unique dining experience. Fashioned after the traditional delicatessens in New York City, Nosh Delicatessen serves up a variety of deliciousness sure to satisfy any true delicatessen connoisseur.